How To Wear Your Tankini as Daywear

Tankini as Daywear

Have you ever dared wearing your tankini top as a daywear? If you don’t live in Hawaii or Miami, you may find yourself feeling reluctant at the thought of adding your tankini top to complete your outfit. But that’s because you are unsure how to effortlessly incorporate it into your style, right? Time to relax because we’re giving you some ideas on how to look amazing with a tankini top in and out of the water!

Pick a classic style

Vesper Tankini with Skirt

Pick a tankini top with a timeless flair in preferably solid dark or subdued colors that will work best with printed flowy maxi skirt, cropped or gaucho pants and will be perfect for day to evening casual wear. However, if you have a printed top instead, that’s okay, too! Then you can pair it with something plain – unless your style is more on donning loud and punchy prints, by all means, go for it!

Denim is your bestfriend

Tankini as Daywear

Is a ragged look more of your liking or just don’t want to look too “done”? Denim hot pants or minis will give you a chic and cool killer combo to your outdoor attire. You won’t go wrong with denim because it goes well with almost anything or any fabric for that matter! If you’ve got flat abs, why not flaunt it with a semi-cropped tankini top?

Now that you have some ideas on how to wear your tankini even when it’s not summer or when there’s no ocean in sight to soak into, there’s no reason for your swimwear to stay stuck in your drawer anymore!