Be a Smarter Shopper, Shop Online Securely

Online Shopping Tips

Starting a business and establishing your own brand, especially in the online retail and e-commerce industry, can truly be an enormous challenge. How can it not be? You will be competing with not only small business owners like us, but the big players who have owned the spotlight since the beginning of time. But despite knowing how hard it is to attract loyal customers, we dived in and swore to take every necessary step to stand out in, what most people will say, an oversaturated market.

So how do we set ourselves apart besides producing high-quality products, delivering stellar customer service and making it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for on our easy-to-navigate online store? We always take the best measures to create not only a stress-free, but safe and secure online shopping experience.

Many people choose to shop online for many reasons, but mainly for convenience. Who would argue that it saves you time, energy and fuel to go to the shops? But we’d like to remind shoppers that while there are many websites doing a great job at protecting their buyers’ information, there is also a big chunk of online storeowners who care nothing more than to make a sale from you.

If you care about your personal data protection when shopping online and you’d like to buy something from a relatively fresh brand, watch out for these signs which tell you that you’re buying from a trusted and secure website.

Publicised contact details

You should be able to easily find their contact details on their website. Trying to contact them if you have any questions about a product that you want to purchase or just to check if you’ll get any response from calling or emailing them is a good practice. If at least an address and a phone number are not present, then it’s time to wonder how they can be legit and provide any sort of customer service.

Visible privacy policy

The link to the privacy statement is usually under the About Us or in the footer area. Read through their privacy statement and find out if they have sound policies for shipping & returns, personal data protection and how your information is being or may be used. A truthful online store will disclose all the information one needs to know through their privacy policy. Be wary of those that do not state anything about how they will protect a buyer’s information and clearly provide payment security.

Website trust seals/badges

SSL Test Screenshot

Trust seals or badges indicate that the online store have gone through website owner and identity verification process to give consumers to buy with confidence that they’re transacting with a genuine business which are mostly associated with SSL (secure socket layers).

Padlock icon on the address bar


What is SSL and what does it do? Installing SSL on a website creates a secure connection for sharing information (from browsing activity to personal details such as credit card number) over the Internet. When you see a padlock symbol before the website’s URL on the address bar and an additional ‘S’ after HTTP, it tells you that your session/visit is encrypted and kept private within the website. If anyone’s trying to sniff your personal (financial) details, they can easily do that if your data is not encrypted.

No links redirecting to dodgy external sites

dilbert comic strips - scam

If you click on a deal that is too good to be true and you get redirected to another website that is ridden with pop ups, close everything. They will offer you the sweetest deal that’s hard to resist to make you blindly enter your credit card details right away. Stop and check if the website ticks at least three signs on this list first. You may have only paid 2 bucks for something, but your personal details are about to get exploited.

As big online shopping fans ourselves, we always look for these signs when buying from online stores especially from businesses we hardly know anything about. That’s why we made sure that the FREESK Beachwear’s storefront is running 100% on SSL to prove that we take your privacy and security seriously.

From now on, whether you’re buying from us or from other online stores, you will know the signs to watch out for, have peace of mind when you’re online shopping, and be a smarter shopper!