Spring Detox Guide – Healthy Eating & Exercise | Part 2

Spring Detox Guide Part 2 - Healthy eating and exercise

Cat Fitness Motivation MemeNow that you are mentally prepared to change your routine, lifestyle and/or diet, the next step is to create a solid plan you can stick to. You don’t have to drastically turn a new leaf overnight – remember, it doesn’t matter how slow you “go” as long as you get there, okay? Get the ball rolling with small changes like what goes into your plate, for example, and list down achievable and realistic targets – like drinking more water!

Guzzle H20 with a twist

Although there are definitely no shortcuts, the road to wellness is really not a rough and laborious one! Our body is in fact capable of detoxifying itself, but it can only be good to help your organs – which join forces to eliminate waste from your body – do a much better job at flushing out all the toxins by being mindful of what you feed your body. If you are not well hydrated (distressed with chronic constipation) because you find drinking plain water boring, well, let’s see what you think of these infused water recipes you’d enjoy so much you won’t mind chugging more than the recommended number of glasses a day. It’s your ammo against aging skin, stubborn bacteria, slow metabolism, problematic digestion and even untamable mood swings. So, drink up!
detox water


Eat clean and right – as much as possible

Unless you’re determined to turn vegetarian/vegan, you don’t have to restrict yourself from the goodness of meat (consumed in moderation). But please, add fruits and veggies to your diet – it’s good for you; believe what you were told when you were young! Another way to support your body’s detox process is to eat the right foods. Trade processed and fast foods for healthy and organic home-cooked meals; sugar for alternative (not artificial!) sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or mashed fruits. It will be easier to track your macros (if you’re doing it) and help you avoid ingredients that are harmful to your body. As mentioned, start with small changes! Listen to what your body is telling you and act on it. Here’s how to recognize its signals and respond.

How to curb your cravings

You know that the way to kick those hunger pangs is to eat more frequently throughout the day – in small, controlled portions. But if you have a sweet tooth, what are you going to do if you still crave for a Snickers bar? Does it really have to be chocolates? It’s just your brain messing with you because you’ve long associated sugar cravings with your go-to snacks! If you believe indulging in your favorite bites every once in a while will make you stick to a healthy diet better, go ahead and satisfy that craving, but don’t forget to consider that your cheat meal. The goal here is to slowly transition to healthier options to calm down your hankerings!

How to Curb Cravings


And here’s something for our vegan friends

How to Control Food Cravings for Vegans

Whenever we think of healthy food, we instantly imagine an array of salads lacking colour and tasting blah, right? It’s time to change that picture now! Try any of these detox salads and be surprised that natural herbs, spices, fruit juices, etc can pack in so much flavour it will make you forget about salt and sugar!

Detox salad recipes

detox salas

Who said you have to limit yourself to veggies? Make your own salad combo with the protein of your choice or create an appetizing meal with this handy grocery list that doubles as a guide to a healthier you. Just be mindful of your portions, though!

Healthy food portions

Clean Eating Chart


Start a regular exercise routine

Though there are immense benefits of exercise, there are still many people who try to ignore it or reason out they can’t find time for it. There are many ways exercise can improve your life; from sleeping better to improving your overall mood to combating health diseases to making you agile to perform daily tasks. Hate running? Brisk walk! Can’t do a single regular pushup yet? Modify it! Don’t have enough time? Pick up an HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise, which only requires a fraction of your time! There’s always something do at home? Incorporate some functional fitness moves into your everyday activities! Focus on what you can do now within your physical capabilities and soon you’ll get to a point you will simply just amaze yourself of how much progress you’ve made. Some people may argue, but daily physical activities count – like walking the dog, grocery shopping, chasing the kids, whatever! Just get up and get moving! Plus, we know you want to look and FEEL amazing in your swimwear whenever you get the chance to wear it!

How to Start Exercising


Fun ways to burn to burn calories


It all looks so simple, but the hard part is giving up some of the things you’ve always been used to and probably, working hard at being consistent – like cutting back on alcohol, caffeine, sugar-laden foods, and cigarettes! Changing your lifestyle is actually quite manageable especially if you have full support from people around you! So why don’t you ask them to join you, too? You’ll be helping out each other achieve your goals and live a better life! It’s a win-win!

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