Spring Detox Guide – Healthy Eating & Exercise | Part 2

Spring Detox Guide Part 2 - Healthy eating and exercise

Now that you are mentally prepared to change your routine, lifestyle and/or diet, the next step is to create a solid plan you can stick to. You don’t have to drastically turn a new leaf overnight – remember, it doesn’t matter how slow you “go” as long as you get there, okay? Get the ball […]

Spring Detox Guide – Mind and Body Cleansing| Part 1

Spring Detox Guide - FREESK Beachwear

You’re only a month away from the official start date of the northern hemisphere’s spring season! Can you believe it? You’ve managed to get through the endless holiday banquets you seem to have no excuse to bail out from; layers of heavy clothing weighing you down and your feelings (but at least making your gut […]

Be a Smarter Shopper, Shop Online Securely

Online Shopping Tips

Starting a business and establishing your own brand, especially in the online retail and e-commerce industry, can truly be an enormous challenge. How can it not be? You will be competing with not only small business owners like us, but the big players who have owned the spotlight since the beginning of time. But despite […]

3-Step Guide in Finding Your Real Skin Tone [Plus Infographic]

discover your skin tone

In general, we suggest that for gals with lighter skin color or pale skin to have at least one black one piece swimsuit or bikini. When summer starts, wear the black one first while you are still trying to achieve an even-looking tan. Once you start noticing your skin becoming sunkissed, you can switch to more colorful […]

17 Best Summer Music Festivals To Catch in 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.13.04

Music festivals turn up the heat of summer everywhere in the world. We know that most of you just can’t wait to put on your festival outfits and party all weekend with friends while you watch (and swoon over) your favorite bands/artists rock the stage! These are the kind of happenings that make for an […]

How To Wear Your Tankini as Daywear

Tankini as Daywear

Have you ever dared wearing your tankini top as a daywear? If you don’t live in Hawaii or Miami, you may find yourself feeling reluctant at the thought of adding your tankini top to complete your outfit. But that’s because you are unsure how to effortlessly incorporate it into your style, right? Time to relax […]

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Genau drei Tage ist es her, dass wir FREESK Beachwear unserer Familie und unseren Freunden vorgestelt haben und mit deren Hilfe angefangen haben, in sozialen Netzwerken auf uns aufmerksam zu machen. Und immernoch wächst die Zahl unserer “Follower” stetig. Falls ihr uns bisher noch nicht in den sozialen Netzwerken folgt, könnt ihr dies jetzt hier […]