For Swimwear

Prep your brand new suit before beachin’. Experts recommend soaking it in a water mixture (1 tbsp white vinegar per 1 liter water) to keep the dye on the fabric from bleeding.

Rinse with cold, not lukewarm or hot, water right after use. Hot temperature cause fading. So unless you dip in Jacuzzis or hot springs with it often, colors on it should keep its vibrancy longer.

Handwash with a mild soap/detergent then air dry. Only machine wash in an emergency – like when you absolutely must wash and wear it again asap. This is why you need more than one swimsuit!

Lay flat and keep it away from direct sunlight when drying it except maybe when you keep it on while sunbathing! Hopefully, it won’t take forever to get that tan.

Love nature and go find a beach, lake, river, etc to dive into whenever you can. Chlorine ruins even the highest quality material over time. So take our advice.

Be careful where you lean/sit on. Apart from potentially painfully scratching yourself on sharp, jagged rocks, for example, it will also break the fabric of your swimsuit.

For T-shirts and Tank Tops

Wash t-shirts inside out

Turn the shirt inside out before placing it in the washing machine. Most often, when you take off the t-shirt after wearing, it just ends up inside out anyway, so just leave it that way when it goes in the wash.

Warm machine wash

Hot water is not recommended for most t-shirts. Warm or tepid is best. Just using a cold wash cycle will be fine.

Wash with like colours

Wash only whites together. Wash reds together. And wash your darks together. Simple, right?

Do not tumble dry

This will shrink most cotton t-shirts.

Hang out to dry

Just hang it out to dry, leave it inside out until it’s dry. Hang it out immediately, don’t leave it in the washing machine for an extended period of time. If you are hanging outside in the sun, make sure it’s inside out.

Iron Inside Out

Most prints should not be ironed on directly. A medium to hot iron is great for 100% cottons.

Do Not Dry Clean

Do not dry clean t-shirts; it’s not the right material.