FREESK is a result of combining the words free and frisk, which for us means, the FREEDOM TO PLAY.

We are essentially a beachwear brand that exemplifies the laid-back and happy-go-lucky lifestyle of an adventure-junkie world wanderer who loves spending days and nights on glorious beaches.

The idea to create FREESK was born out of the desire to offer products that are quirky yet tasteful; high quality yet inexpensive; detailed yet uncomplicated; fashionable yet practical; and best of all, ethically made!

With our aim to be known as a global brand, we are currently operating from our headquarters in Germany, enabling us to efficiently distribute our products wherever one wants it, anywhere in the world. While our swimwear collection is entirely designed and made in the Philippines in limited number, we have partnered with a fair wear certified clothing manufacturer in Europe for our beachwear clothing.

Our inspiration

For our exclusive designs, we are inspired by our love of sandy stretches of paradise, glassy waves & the ever-coveted simplicity of the island lifestyle.

As seasoned travelers and nature lovers, we are ultimately driven by the places we set foot on, the environment we want to protect and the communities we aim to support.

We live by that by supporting a charitable organization and making sure all our products are produced according to Fair Trade Practices. Find out more about this under our Causes page.

This means that we go out of our way to do the best that we can to ensure that we do the right thing by saying NO to unfair and inhumane labor practices and saying YES to being a catalyst to change. And by supporting and buying our products, you help US spread the word and accomplish our mission.

Our logo


The FREESK square frame is formed by rotating and combining two letter F’s which stand for free & frisk.

The coiling waves in the center symbolize our core business offering of an array of beachwear clothing and catering to the beach lifestyle.

The number 2 within the square frame that you can see when you look at it as a whole, signifies the second wind taking the following definition:

“Renewed strength and energy”

We have jumped over countless hurdles, pushed beyond our capabilities and really worked hard in making FREESK the brand that it should be. And we will continually do our best to keep improving in our craft and providing you with the most competitive beachwear products in the market today and for the years to come.